Who would've thought, that I would start May the 13th from de-freezing the car? Never the less, it was 5-30 am in Painswick, I slept in, and my ambitious plan of visiting Castle Combe went down the drain. But I was up and determined to make something of the sunny morning. Getting to Wiltshire was a bit too late - I was hoping to be there around 6 am to take shots of empty streets. So I've shortened the rout till the nearer beauty  - Nailsworth.

I got there just in time for pretty light and some hazy fog over the tall hills. But what a shame - all the scaffolding is up, and roadworks are everywhere (including bright and shiny labels, borders,  notes and signs) - far too off the Cotswolds colour pallet.
And, it was +5. And there's a result )

Good May morning from Nailsworth.